The new Samsung remote control requires no batteries

The latest Samsung remote control requires no batteries: it is kept alive only by the power from the router’s radio waves.

The basics in brief

  • Samsung introduced the new “2022 Eco Remote”.
  • The remote will be included with all new TVs this year.
  • What sets it apart: It charges itself completely independently – without replaceable batteries.

Never change batteries again: Your new Samsung remote control should maintain itself completely independently. new product korean company Now presented to the public for the first time.

This is a further development of the “Eco Remote” that was published last year. This alone extended the service life of the batteries through the solar panels. Now Samsung’s new “2022 Eco Remote” is supposed to make interchangeable batteries completely obsolete.

it’s working through technology It’s called “RF-Harvesting” and “The Verge” reports. This allows the device to connect to a WiFi router and record its radio waves. Then this becomes a small amount of energy transformer. This keeps the remote control alive without having to change batteries.

The new device will be in Accessories for all Samsung TVs Which will be found, which will be released in 2022. Unfortunately, it will probably not be possible to purchase the remote control individually for old TVs.

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