The new redesign of Microsoft Paint for Windows 11 includes a dark mode

Microsoft is redesigning its Paint app in Windows 11. The app is updated with a new command bar that inherits most of the same options and tools found in the ribbon interface for Paint on Windows 10. It’s Paint’s first major update in years, and it also includes a dark mode.

Panos Panay, President of Microsoft Windows and Hardware, announced the new paint redesign on Twitter today. The teaser video takes a quick look at the improvements made to the painter’s font selection, brushes, and dark mode. The tools now look more user-friendly, with a quick selection showing all the different brushes and their effects. The Microsoft Font Tool for Paint is now floating as well, with options for size, orientation, and more.

There don’t seem to be any options for layers, but this is the first major update to Paint since it got the Ribbon UI. Microsoft intends to color removal From Windows 10 a while ago Reverse the path and keep it as part of Windows. Instead, Microsoft has started removing 3D Paint from Windows 10 installations, a program designed to update and even replace the traditional Paint app.

It’s not entirely clear when Windows Insiders will be able to test this new paint design, but Panay says it will be available for testing “soon.”

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