July 15, 2024

The New Radicals meet for the first time in 22 years at Biden Parade

The New Radicals meet for the first time in 22 years at Biden Parade

The New Radicals They will reunite for the first time in over 20 years to perform “You Get What You Give” as part of the Biden-Harris directing Virtual Event “Parade Across America”.

The hit single of 1998 made a comeback in the 2020 campaign as the handpicked single by Vice President-elect Doug Imhoff – the soon-to-be second-man – appeared during the rallies.

“If there is one thing on Earth that would make us pull the band together, if only for a day, it is the hope that our song will be even the tiniest beacon of light in such a dark time,” attack leader Greg Alexander said in a statement.

“America knows in its heart that things will light up again with a new administration and a real plan for vaccines on the way. This is the message of the song … This world will take off.”

The hit also has a deep relationship with the Biden family: in Joe Biden’s 2017 biography, Promise me, Dad, “You Get What You Give,” he wrote, became the “lead song” of the family rally for son Boo Biden during his battle with cancer.

Biden wrote, “During breakfast, Beau often makes me listen to what I thought was his lead song, ‘You Get What You Give’ from New Radicals.” “Even though Beau did not stop fighting and his will in life was stronger than most – I think he knew that this day might come. The song’s lyrics are: This damned world could all fall apart. You’ll be fine, follow your heart.”

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Alexander added: “To perform the song again after such a long time is a great honor because we all have a deep respect for Beau’s military service and such high hopes for unity and normality will restore the atmosphere and perfection of our country again in this time of crisis.”

Performing New Radicals’ reunion for just one day – the band’s first concert together since 1999; They broke up just months after the release of their single “You Get What You Give” – ​​it will serve as the closing act in the opening virtual show, which will take place after the swearing-in ceremony on January 20.

Alexander and New Radicals co-founder Daniel Presbywa received an invitation to participate in the show less than a week before the opening ceremony, adding that it was a “crazy, fun scramble” to plan a performance from a sound stage in Philadelphia, the Alexander “certified home” where other band members also reside.

On Sunday night, James Taylor, Carol King, Fall Out Boy, Ben Harper and others will be participating in We the People event, Co-hosted by Keegan, Michael Key and Debra Messing.

Lady Gaga revealed that she will Singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” After the inauguration of the president-elect Joe Biden Elected Vice President Kamala Harris, and the singer also attended the swearing-in ceremony in Washington, DC

On the night of January 20, Tom Hanks will be hosting the The pinnacle of celebration of America special Marking the opening, with shows from Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato, Bon Jovi, Ant Clemons, and more.

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