June 14, 2024

The new Kunoichi category is now available from Black Desert Mobile

The new Kunoichi category is now available from Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss today announced that the latest category in Black Desert Mobile, “Moonlight Blade” Kunoichi is now available. Also, a new season is approaching Road to Glory. To celebrate Kunoichi’s arrival, adventurers can participate in events with rewards for everyone.

In a small hidden village of the Oeki clan, on the banks of the Turina River, a new class of Black Desert Mobile was born: Kunoichi. From a young age she trained in short sword, kunai, martial arts and subtle ninjutsu and could quickly and calmly bring her opponents around the corner.

Kunoichi’s talents include: Shadow Stitch (fast cutting into large areas), Rain of Steel (hiding and dropping knives on enemies), Viper Strike (stabs important body parts in a flash) and Chakra Release (uses Ninjutsu to increase critical hits power and Black Soul Talents) .

To celebrate the arrival of the new class, the Adventurers are waiting for a number of events. You can get cool rewards like 10,000 Ancient Gold Coins, 20 Awakening Talent Books, and 2000 Black Pearls as you reach Level 70 of Kunoichi.

Adventurers can also acquire Black Veil weapons, such as the Kzarka short sword or Nover Kunai. All they have to do is sign in to Black Desert Mobile.

On May 4th, the Path of Glory returns. Season 4 brings a new level of difficulty and better rewards. The Path of Glory is a popular PvE mode where different classes of family can participate. Adventurers must defend the castle gate against a horde of opponents who get stronger and more numerous with each new wave.

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Players can choose up to six different classes from their family roster and must try to carefully balance the talents and abilities of their team in order to master each of the challenging levels. Those who successfully complete this challenge will find a Emblem element that increases the combat and defense points of all characters in the family.

More information about Black Desert Mobile is available at the site Official Website.

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