The new iPad Mini can replace your laptop

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The new and fresh look isn’t the only change we’re expecting IPADini this fall. to me 9zu5Mac reportThe smallest iPad has an A15 processor, USB-C and a magnetic smart connector. This will be a big batch in one file computing power, But it also means that you can be able to Use the smallest iPad as a replacement for your laptop.

Citing anonymous sources from Apple, 9to5Mac claims that the A15 chip – which will also power the iPhone 13 lineup – will feature the same 5nm process technology as the A14. Another interesting piece of information is that Apple is working on a more powerful version of the A15X. FIFAFrom the fourth generation of the iPad M.led by ini Powered by the A12 chip, which also powers iPhone XS, XS Max, XR and eigh eThe tenth-iPad and this generationThe second generation of iPad Air. Since the introduction of the A12 Bionic in 2018, there have been several A-series chipsets – more specifically the A12X, A12Z, A13, and A14 – so this jump should make sense.

the movement 7nm to 5nm may not be very exciting. However, it is an indication that Apple has high hopes for the iPad mini redesign. According to 9to5Mac, Kamel It only plans to upgrade the A12 in the entry-level iPad to the A13, which isn’t a huge boost.

The addition of USB-C and a smart port is further evidence that Apple is trying to give people more reasons to choose a smaller iPad.. For starters, this will unlock your iPad mIt reaches a much wider range of peripherals and makes them more compatible with iPad Pro and iPad Air. The Smart Connector also suggests that we may see a very small keyboard compatible with the iPad mini.

earlier this year, Bloomberg I also mentioned that the iPad Mini is the result of a major redesign that leaves the home button and has slimmer bezels. Because of these changes pMing-Chi Kuo, retired analyst He says he’s expecting an iPad mDisplay the ini to from the current 7.9. to jump inch too Between 8.5 and 9 inches.

Bigger screen, more compatibility with accessories and peripherals, faster processor? These changes, in addition to the fact that iPadOS 15 will bring Some great features for multitasking and productivity? Sure, Apple is trying very hard to give us the iPad m. for saleini as a working device. This is not surprising. Apple makes every iPad purchase more attractive, laughing loudly with mixed results. Who do you know? This may be exactly what Apple’s smallest tablet needs. After all, iPad mthese she has Along the same lines Ipad embarrassed from the group. It remains to be seen if these updates change.

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