The new electronic world of work –

In 1992 there were over one million VDU jobs in Switzerland. Training was needed anyway. Especially for video conferencing studios and satellite fleet control, Computerworld reported.

If the union and the employers’ association come together, there is bound to be a major upheaval in the world of work. This is what happened in 1992 in German-speaking Switzerland. The Mensch + Screen mobile training center toured there with the goal of training screen workers to take on more personal responsibility.

“The 1.1 million people working on screen in this country must make their workplace healthier themselves,” the Central Employers’ Association quotes Rudolf Schopiser as saying. However, he made no secret of the fact that companies were also hoping that the training would reduce work complaints and absenteeism among their employees. After all, 40 percent of screen workers complained of eye problems, headaches, and neck and back pain.

During the seminar in the mobile classroom, twelve participants at four computer workstations received not only advice, but also practical exercises. For example, seminarians were photographed to show poor posture. In addition, the moderator discussed topics such as lighting and screen radiation as well as physical stress caused by monotony of work and pressure to perform and software.

Offer accepted: Among other things, an insurance company rented a mobile phone to its agencies that wanted to offer local customers one of the two-hour seminars in lieu of a promotional gift. Public events related to the truck were also held in various municipalities and cities.

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