December 8, 2023

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The new client aims to improve the performance of the platform

Microsoft is planning a new Onedrive client for M1 Mac users and Windows on ARM users. This makes using Onedrive easier for users.

The basics in brief

  • So far, OneDrive on M1-Mac and Windows on ARM only works with one emulation.
  • Microsoft is now planning a native single drive client for the mentioned platforms.
  • This means that OneDrive is now faster and works better on both platforms.

Microsoft plans a OneDrive client in a native ARM version for An appleSilicon-based Macs as well as Windows based systems on ARM. So far, OneDrive has only run in simulation on these devices. This worsens the performance of the respective platforms.

In the Ignite 2021 hat Microsoft Now the original is promised. This makes operations faster and performance better. In addition, the The device battery is saved.

More innovations planned

ARM’s original Onedrive client is scheduled to appear in early 2022. Program for Insider Program participants is already up. You will likely be able to test the original version this year. Tests provide important information that can help solve problems.

Microsoft promises more innovations for the OneDrive web interface. Among them are these worldwidePrint integration and new photo editing features. This includes cropping, adjustments, and filters.

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