July 12, 2024

The new analog-style Call of Duty – fans scoff

The new analog-style Call of Duty – fans scoff

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from: Janek Buick

Call of Duty fans can now look forward to a new offshoot, but it will appear as a board game. Accordingly, the reaction of the masses.

Santa Monica, California – Call of Duty has delighted shooting fans for years. In addition to the FIFA series, the franchise is probably responsible for the most quits in gaming history. Activision may be planning to move the home tantrums into family evenings, too. Call of Duty is getting a board game.

Call of Duty epic trailer – comes as a board game

Call of Duty becomes a board game: Call of Duty has a lot of problems. For example, a video shows Warzone 2’s audio disaster. While many streamers and fans would rather play Warzone 1 than Warzone 2, Activision is focused on expanding the franchise. Call of Duty: The Board Game has been announced in an epic trailer.

Who develops the board game? Board game publisher Arcane Wonders has been tasked with making Call of Duty family friendly to bring the franchise to life. Until anger comes to the coffee table. The video description for the trailer says:We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Call of Duty: The Board GameA Kickstarter campaign will launch in late summer 2023 to fund development.

Why is Call of Duty in crisis?

Since the release of Modern Warfare 2019, the gameplay design of the series has changed drastically. In the eyes of many, particularly in MW2, “the main thing is that the noobs are happy”. You die faster, many visual effects make it difficult to aim properly, and dynamic gameplay is almost impossible because each animation takes half the time. As a result, many fans walk away from the franchise out of frustration.

What is a Call of Duty board game? What exactly should the Call of Duty board game contain is not yet clear. Arcane Wonders wrote that there would be “intense combat, tactical planning, and breathtaking artwork”. The iconic characters and weapons of the series should also be included. It is also not clear when exactly the game will appear, but several magazines have reported that it will be released in 2024.

Call of Duty: The Board Game © Activision

Call of Duty comes as a board game – which fans don’t really take seriously

Fans reacted sarcastically: Call of Duty fans react sarcastically to the board game ad in the comments below the YouTube video, a number of users are mocking it.

  • Quake writes about crowdfunding: “One of the highest paying franchises needs your help in creating a board game
  • Tolodi joked:Will… Will there be a Battle Pass?
  • Decibel asks sarcastically:Does it have a built-in anti-cheat?
  • Zulfiqar asks:Do MTX Loot Boxes charge each time I buy them or can I skip playing if I pay for the Battle Pass?

For fans, the round-the-clock monetization of Call of Duty is the focus of sarcastic jokes. For Warzone 2 and the recent titles in the series, the saying always applies: the game can be massively broken, and the store works. The fact that Activision, which generated about $2.33 billion in sales in the fourth quarter of 2022 (via Statista), is counting on a Kickstarter campaign to develop a board game, irks some.