June 24, 2024

The new Abandoned survival game for PS5 will be released in 2021

The new Abandoned survival game for PS5 will be released in 2021

PlayStation has announced a new survival game exclusively for PlayStation 5. The leftover should take advantage of the power of the next-generation console and provide even more immersion with the new DualSense controller. The game will be released in 2021 and there is already a first trailer for it.

What kind of this game? Abandoned is a first-person shooter and survival simulation game that relies heavily on realism. Gameplay should be slow and feel tactical not fast as in shooting games.

Abandoned was developed by Blue Box Game Studios, who have previously experimented with horror games like The Haunting (via IGN). The Haunting is now being developed and distributed by a different studio and is slated to release April 27 (via steam).

The abandoned will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5 in the fourth quarter of 2021. The exact date of the release is not known yet.

what is he talking about? The story revolves around protagonist Jason Longfield, who wakes up alone in a forest and is supposed to live there. You discover that you have been kidnapped and that you were supposed to be brought to a “sinister target” which has not been described in more detail.

In the first trailer, the narrator is actually trying to intimidate the viewer. It indicates feelings of loneliness and helplessness, and it asks what you would do if you became prey and somehow had to survive. Powerful visuals support immersion:

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The actual gameplay isn’t much to see yet. Game director Hassan Kahraman promised, however, that a full video of the game would be shown “soon”.

Realism through indulgence

What makes abandoned distinctive? You can already see in the trailer that the abandoned is dependent on optics and optical power. The environment is detailed and realistic. The scenes are more reminiscent of a survival simulation than a regular survival game.

Graphics should be supported by PS5 performance. The motion capture used should be playable at 4K resolution with 60fps. The developers want to ensure that “the quality of the environment is as close to reality as possible”. Loading screens should be minimized.

In addition, the developers want The new DualSense for PlayStation 5 Exploit. Every interaction should be noticeable through the controller, for example when you are struck by a bullet.

When you pull the trigger, you should feel the difference between loaded weapons and empty weapons. If you try to shoot while you’re gasping for air, your aim will be less accurate.

Is there a multi-player? There is currently no information on whether the abandoned will be a pure single player title or whether you can play them together in co-op or even against each other in a multiplayer game.

The first photos of one hero suggest a solo title, but the jungle plays in the same setting. The jungle can be played with friends, so the abandoned can also have a cooperative part.

By the way, the successor to The Forest, Sons of the Forest, is one of the 7 new survival games to look forward to in 2021.

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