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The National Guard will continue to support local security at the Washington Capitol for at least two and a half months. A Pentagon spokesman said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has approved a request to extend parliamentary policing until May 23.

The number of the National Guard will be halved: in the future, 2,300 soldiers will be deployed. Recently, about 5,200 soldiers won a seat in Congress. The National Guard is a paramilitary organization. Therefore, despite its military character, it does not belong to the regular armed forces of the United States. Anyone who serves in the US National Guard is a reservist.

President Trump had encouraged his supporters to storm the Capitol

A black day in the history of the Capitol

The National Guard moved after supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol Building on January 6. Then the Capitol police came under fire because the security forces of Parliament were unable to repel the attack. At least five people were killed in the riots, including a police officer. The FBI classifies the storming of the Capitol as domestic terrorism.

Recently, fears have escalated again that right-wing extremists may be planning another storm on the Capitol building last week. But only a few supporters of the Qunun Conspiracy Movement gathered in front of the Parliament building.

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