June 14, 2024

“The Mummy vs. Madman”

The US election is not just an issue in the United States – the upcoming duel between Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump is also one of the hottest topics of conversation here. Now cabaret artist Dieter Nohr has commented on this.

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Dieter Nohr, American Elections, Astonished

Elections for the next US president are scheduled to be held in the United States next November. Supporters and critics are eagerly awaiting another duel between current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly made a name for himself with scandals in recent years.

The Republican has to answer in court in several cases, the latest of which was that he had to face a defamation suit. Because of his scandals and court cases, Trump faces criticism from many quarters — and the question has repeatedly been raised about whether he could become president if convicted. But current President Joe Biden also faces headwinds — such as concerns about his advanced age and health.

A clear position on the US elections regarding Biden and Trump

The upcoming US elections are also a big issue in Germany this year – not least because of the possible re-election of Donald Trump, which would also have different consequences for the Federal Republic. as picture– Newspaper as well a star According to reports, cabaret artist Dieter Nohr also commented on this topic.

The comedian was a guest of Sandra Meischberger on Wednesday. Advertisement “My next guest says: ‘This is going to be a great election! I predicted a mummy versus a madman!’ Nour’s position, which he expanded on later in the conversation.

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Nour desires “despair”

In an interview with the talk show host, the 63-year-old satirist, who has delighted viewers with his “Nuhr im Erste” special for years, explains that the whole current situation in the United States leaves him “stunned.” When it comes to Joe Biden, according to Nour, people are not sure if he will even remember to run for the Democrats next November. On the other hand, Donald Trump, who sometimes makes confusing statements, referred to Viktor Orban as the president of Turkey.

Maybe, as the comedian says, you’re now thinking, “Yes, that’s funny,” but “actually, it’s not that funny.” Given the current situation and these two politicians now preparing for elections, he actually wants to “desperate all the time. It remains to be seen how the situation will develop in the end – according to current information, elections will be held in the USA.” It happened on November 5 of this year.

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