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The most important things from the German League, the Italian League and the English Premier League

The most important things from the German League, the Italian League and the English Premier League

Bayern are currently beating their opponents in the German Bundesliga.Photo: cornerstone

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Bochum – Bayern Munich 0:7

Bayern in Bundesliga It still can’t be turned off. The record champions celebrated a 7-0 away win over Bochum. The best player of the match was Sadio Mane, with two regular goals and one disallowed goal. After three matches, the Munich team has already scored 15 goals.

Bochum – Bayern Munich 0: 1: Leroy Sane.Video: Stream

Bochum – Bayern Munich 0: 2: Matthijs de Ligt.Video: Stream

Bochum – Bayern Munich 0: 3: Kingsley Coman.Video: Stream

Bochum – Bayern Munich 0:4: Sadio Mane.Video: Stream

Bochum – Bayern Munich 0:5: Sadio Mane.Video: Stream

Bochum-Bayern Munich 0:6: Christian Gamboa (Official Goal).Video: Stream

Bochum-Bayern Munich 0:7: Serge Gnabry.Video: Stream

Bochum – Bayern Munich 0:7 (0:4)
4. sane 0-1. 25. De Ligt 0: 2. 33. Coman 0-3. 42. Mane 0-4. 60. Mane (penalty kick) 0:5. 69. Gamboa (owner) 0: 6. 76. Gnabry 0: 7.

Frankfurt – Cologne 1: 1

Eintracht Frankfurt is nowhere to be found yet. The Europa League winner remained unwinnable in the third Bundesliga game of the season, although things looked good in the meantime. Kamada put his colors ahead in the 71st minute, but after just 11 minutes, Thielmann tied Cologne to make the score 1-1.

Kamada puts Frankfurt ahead with a free kick.Video: streamja

Frankfurt – Cologne 1: 1 (0: 0)
72. Kamada 1-0. 82. Thielmann 1: 1.
Notes: Frankfurt with Sue.

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Premier League

Leeds 3-0 Chelsea

Setback for Chelsea: The London side lost 3-0 away to Leeds United in their third game of the season. An initial decision was made before the end of the first half, with goals from Brenden Aaronson and Rodrygo. And in the last minutes, Kalidou Koulibaly, Chelsea’s yellow and red player, was sent off.

Jack Harrison made it all clear with a 3-0 score.Video: Stream

Coulibaly flies off the field.Video: Stream

Leeds Chelsea 3-0 (2-0)
33. Aaronson 1-0. 37. Rodrygo 2-0. 69- Harrison 3-0.
Notes: Yellow card No. 84 against Koulibaly (Chelsea). (Abu/Sada)

Newcastle – Man City 3-3

Manchester City dropped points for the first time this season. The English champions drew 3-3 with Swiss Fabian Scheer in Newcastle. In order for there to be no point at all, the team from Pep Guardiola Work hard, but within four minutes they made up a 1:3 deficit.

3:1 for Newcastle by Trippier.Video: Stream

3:3 for ManCity by Bernardo Silva.Video: Stream

Newcastle – Manchester 3:3 (2:1)
5. Gundogan 0-1. 28. Almiron 1: 1. 39 – Wilson 2: 1 54. Trippier 3: 1. 61. Haaland 3: 2. 64 – Bernardo Silva 3-3
Notes: Newcastle with Cher (caution).

Series A

Atalanta 1-1 Milan

Defending champions AC Milan and Atalanta Bergamo split up in their second league game with a 1-1 draw. Malinovsky had given the hosts from Bergamo the lead after 29 minutes, but Benasser made sure after the second half that the Rossoneri did not have to go home without a point.

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Atalanta Bergamo – AC Milan 1: 1 (1: 0)
29. Malinowski 1-0. 68. Ibn Nasir 1:1.


Atletico Madrid 0-2 Villarreal

Atl├ętico de Madrid loses for the first time in the second match of the season. At home they lost 2-0 to Villarreal. The guests rewarded themselves for the solid performance with three points.

Jeremy Pino puts Villarreal on his way to victory.Video: Stream

Atletico Madrid – Villarreal 0-2 (0-0)
73 Yereme Pino 0-1. 98 Moreno 0-2.
Notes: 96. Red card on Molina (Atletico Madrid).

League 1

Clermont Foot 1-0 Nice

Lucien Favre certainly failed to start the Ligue 1 season. After two draws, the Swiss coach suffered his first defeat in the third half. At Claremont Foot the defeat was not only 0-1, but there were two red cards in the final stage.

Seif El Din Khaoui scored the only goal in the match.Video: Stream

Clermont 1-0 Nice (1-0)
Goal: 6. Al-Khawi 1-0.
Notes: Nice to 58th with Lotomba. 80. Red card against Mina (Nice / foul). 82. Yellow card for Todibo (Nice).

Lille 1-7 Paris Saint-Germain

It took Kylian Mbappe only eight seconds to defeat Paris Saint-Germain in the third round of League 1 In a night with Lube after a long time Lionel Messi to lead. Paris Saint-Germain Last wins 7:1.

The beginning of the end for the night: Kylian Mbappe scored after a few seconds.Video: streamja

No player since 1992 has scored such goals so early in the French championship. At the time, Michele Rio also scored eight seconds for Kane.

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The superiority of Christoph Galtier’s team at the start of the season was remarkable. 5:0, 5:2 and 7:1 are the results of the three victories. So the goal difference is 17:3. In the match against the 2021 champions Lille, Mbappe scored three times, Neymar Twice Lionel Messi and Achraf Hakimi once each.

Lille 1-7 Paris Saint-Germain (0-4)
1. Mbappe 0-1. 27. Messi 0-2. 39- Hakimi 0-3 43. Neymar 0-4. 52. Neymar 0-5. 54 – Bamba 1: 5. 67. Mbappe 1: 6. 87. Mbappe 1: 7. (Abu/Sada)