December 10, 2023

The most common winter bird sparrow |  Free Press

The most common winter bird sparrow | Free Press

Participants in the “Winter Birds Hour” campaign organized by the Union for the Conservation of Nature were busy counting again. The result: the sparrow on top. Blue nipple indicates particularly low numbers.

Berlin (dpa) – The sparrow is still the most common winter bird in Germany in a counting of the Nature Conservation Society (Napo). More than 1.1 million house birds – 6.8 per garden – were counted as average “Winter Birds Hour” participants, organizers announced.

Accordingly, as in the previous year, the great sparrow and trees follow in squares. “On the other hand, the reported numbers of blue nipples were particularly low,” Napo noted. Just under 20 percent compared to the previous year. According to Nabu, the reason is unclear: a possible lack of flow from the north or a bacterial epidemic in the spring. Additionally, conservationists are noting a disturbing decline in Greenfinch. This has to do with infection with the fatal protozoa.

The overall abundance of birds was also greater in previous years: with 34.5 birds per park, the second lowest value was reached since the start of the campaign in 2011. The trend is decreasing for species that depend on migration from the north and east. Groups of species that remain intact in winter have evolved or some migrate south from here in a stable or growing manner. The milder the winters, the fewer birds will avoid a move to warmer climates.

According to Nabu, more people participated in the census on the second weekend of January than ever before: with more than 236,000 participants, which is a 65 percent increase over the previous year. It is believed that the increased interest is also linked to the shutdown. She added that as the number of participants increases, the campaign will be more rewarding. Bird population aims to help determine long-term developments in bird populations.

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