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from: Josh Grossman

Montana Black has spoken. On Twitch, the longtime CoD fan has put together a level list of all parts of “Call of Duty” – and this is his official rating.

Buxtehude – Tier lists are a straightforward way of evaluating a variety of things. With years of experience in Call of Duty, MontanaBlack feels able to craft a rating that outperforms all other listings. The player from Buxtehude is creating his own CoD tier list on Twitch, which is making Twitter users lose their minds.

full name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris
known as Montana Black
birthday March 02, 1988
place of birth Boxhood
YouTube subscribers 2,900,000 (as of March 2023)
Followers on Twitch 4,900,000 (as of March 2023)

MontanaBlack: This is the level list from a longtime CoD fan

What happened? On March 30, the Montana Blacks came out to riot. On Twitch, he’s compiled a ranking of the best and worst parts of Call of Duty. It was certainly clear to him that the 35-year-old Twitch would raise spirits. He shared his final result on Twitter with the words “All other ratings are irrelevantAnd he’s getting all kinds of reactions from fans, but also not understanding.

Official MontanaBlack Call of Duty List – “All other reviews are irrelevant” © Twitch: MontanaBlack / Activision / Freepik

This is his rating: The multiplayer mode for single-player games was particularly important to the streamer. For many fans of the series, the feeling you get in online battles against other players is a determining criterion for gaming success. For MontanaBlack, no CoD comes close to Black Ops 2 – the game ending in S-Tier “No. 1 game”. Here you can see MontanaBlack’s official CoD rating.

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It is closely followed by Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 1, and Modern Warfare 2, which placed it in the “Best CoD” category. Ghosts, Modern Warfare 2019, and Black Ops 4 are still good parts of the CoD series for MontanaBlack.

These are the losers in his assessment: Modern Warfare (2007) and Black Ops 3 are still playable, but the arrangement is already hurting early fans. Call of Duty WWII calls MontanaBlack “garbage” and Infinite Warfare is the absolute bottom line.

Here’s how MontanaBlack works on Twitch

MontanaBlack is currently doing very well again on Twitch. The player is busy streaming and has delighted an average of 23,000 fans in the last 14 days (as of March 31, 2023). With so many cases unlocked in CS:GO and the usual reactions, he ends up in second place behind Papaplatte. However, a fellow broadcaster only recently showed an event stream that brought him many viewers.

“Shoes on the Floor” is a retired Twitch store credo that Activision games should never set aside. Double jumps and wall runs are too much for most CoD fans. MontanaBlack hasn’t played some of the games himself, so the streamer isn’t supposed to give a rating.

Fans React to MontanaBlack CoD Ranking – ‘The Retirees Couldn’t Handle the Jetpack’

Fan counter: As with opinions, they also differ when it comes to rating MontanaBlack. With a number of retired quotes the Buxtehude streamer has to hear regularly on Twitch, fans are trying to cast doubt on his opinion. His scenes complain especially when rating Black Ops 3: “Alzheimer’s disease has begun“.

  • BO3 unfounded, but typical retirees. Pensioners can’t handle a jetpackKapkan567 writes
  • BO3 Under Ghosts and MW 2019 Shame7LINUS_complains
  • Black Ops 3 “to go this way”. This is the most penitential class list I’ve ever seen“,” apf3l_complains
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Many young MontanaBlack fans seem to have liked the movement options in recent CoD games. But Montana Black is sure the matches he played in his twenties were the best. It’s no secret that the launcher currently has a nostalgic fervor – with MontanaBlack’s real-life stories brought to life, it may have picked some fans to create a similar tier list.

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