The model appears in a red wig and turns fans’ heads

scotland – She is best known as the better half of Scotland’s international football team Jack Hendry (27). Well he has Robin Emma Kane She (23) posted two photos with a red wig on her Instagram channel, and was named the most beautiful woman in the UK by a fan.

Robyn Emma Keane became known primarily through her relationship with Scottish defender Jack Hendry (27). © instagram: montage / robynemmakeen

again Daily Star stated that Robyn is an “aspiring model” who has worked with brands such as Boohoo, Luxe To Kill, and Miss Bab worked together.

The blonde regularly inspires her followers on Instagram with snaps that show off her stunning figure in beautiful style.

The sexy blonde also knows how to get her brains out. She studies psychology at the University of Nottingham and came up with something for her post a couple of days ago: she put on a red wig and took two pictures of herself and posted them on Instagram.

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In one selfie, her head is centered with her mouth closed. In the other selfie, her head is tilted slightly to the side and her mouth is slightly open.

One user practically raved about redhead Robyn, commenting, “Absolutely no doubt you are the most beautiful woman in Britain.”


Player’s wife Emma Kane introduces herself on Instagram

Instagram proves: Emma Keene’s real hair color is blonde

With the huge number of photos posted on her Instagram channel, it is seen that the shots where the player’s wife Robin Keane is comforting or even smiling warmly are really rare.

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