The millipede species is named after the American singer Taylor Swift | free press

Scientists at Virginia Tech have discovered a new species of millipede in the eastern United States — and they’ve named it after pop star Taylor Swift. The researchers said it was a “huge honor” for the singer.


American singer Taylor Swift (32 years old) received an unusual award: in the future, a type of millipede will bear her name.

Nanaria Swifty was discovered by scientists from Virginia Tech in the Appalachian Mountains in the eastern United States. The animal, which measures about 22 cm in length, was called “Swift Twisted-Claw Millipede” for normal use.

One of the three experimenters, Derek Henin, came up with the name. The American scientist sees it as a tribute to the dedication of the singer’s worm-like invertebrates (“Shake it Off”, “All Too Well”). “I’m a huge fan of their music,” he wrote on Twitter. “So I wanted to show my appreciation by naming this new species from Tennessee after her. What an honor!” The work was published in the specialized magazine “Zookeys”. (dpa)

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