April 13, 2024

The mayor of Lörrach defends himself after the apartment is terminated

An apartment complex in Lörrach (D) will be used as refugee accommodation in a few years before the planned demolition. About 40 tenants received a matching letter to indicate that they must move out.

This message was published in many newspapers throughout the German-speaking countries and on social media for a few days. The result: a veritable bomber storm rained down on the German city.

The Mayor of Lörrach and the Lörrach Housing Association have therefore been invited to a press conference on Wednesday. According to “SRF”, Jörg Lutz confirmed: “We are very sorry that the letter was taken out of context in this way” and added: “If you know the whole story, you have to admit: this is not a scandal.”

As the mayor of Lörrach explains, Wohnbau Lörrach has already moved people in the past to house refugees. Since 2014, more than 1,200 refugees have been placed in various accommodations in Lorach.

But space is scarce, hence the decision to use the old apartment complex as an asylum residence until it is demolished. Lutz assured that the tenants were taken care of. Each person involved will receive a rental offer “in the area they wish to go to”.

“What our employees are facing at the moment, especially on social media, is unbearable,” added Thomas Neustadt, general manager of “Wohnbau Lörrach”, who was also present at the PK. What is currently happening in Lörrach represents the debate about immigration in Germany.

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