May 22, 2024

The main players in the EVZ: Genoni, Diaz, Kovar, Simeon, Hoffman

The main players in the EVZ: Genoni, Diaz, Kovar, Simeon, Hoffman

Two years ago, EV Zug invested heavily in the team to fulfill his title dream, which is now one victory away from him. In the goalkeeper Leonardo Genoni For example, the main goalkeeper five times (Bern, Davos). The 33-year-old is a mainstay of a quality squad.

In the final against Servette Genoni only one goal was allowed. Confirms himself in the goal area, makes Geneva desperate. With this reliable support, those in front of them can focus on what is happening in front of them. However, EVZ can culminate in its nearly perfect season with only the second title in club history after 1998, and it needs more key players.

Raphael Diaz: Hispanic captain is the defensive pronoun. Zuger’s strengths lie in its stability and reliability. His routine makes him one of the best Swiss defenders on the Blue Line. The 35-year-old can bid farewell to Friborg with his debut title after losing twice to the FIFA World Cup and the World Cup Finals.

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When asked about the ideal (main) combination for his team, Diaz confirmed the role distribution three months ago. Diaz said at the time: “No one can be the best goalscorer, but everyone can decide the match.” Everyone respects their role. “You can feel the team spirit. Everyone gives and wants the best for the team.”

Jan Kovar: The most complete player combines many strengths. Game overview, fitness, design, humility. The Czech makes each of his teammates better – and he’s happy about that. The center coordinates the display tower. Where we are Dario Simeon Will be.

The 26-year-old is playing the season of his life. In the qualifiers, he quadrupled his goal output compared to the previous year – from 6 to 24. In the qualifiers, Ticino was the top scorer with eight goals. Not only does he benefit from Kovar, but also Gregory Hoffman. The percussion striker attracts a lot of opponents’ attention through his attacking rounds, giving his teammates more space.

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