March 1, 2024

The macOS Big Sur update caused some older MacBook professionals to stop on a black screen

The macOS Big Sur update caused some older MacBook Pro to crash on a black screen during installation, with no way users could find it to fix it. The problem appears to be more common in late 2013 and mid 2014 than the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Other Mac owners have reported problems installing Big Sur as well – and some say they have been able to fix these issues – but these two MacBook Pro models seem to have the most difficult issues at the moment.

The issues were Spotted before Mac rumors, Which has seen complaints of frozen laptops in a file Forums, On Reddit, and on Apple Support Site. Users said there’s no clear indication of what could be causing the problem, and simple ways to fix it – like resetting NVRAM or booting into safe mode – either can’t be accessed or don’t solve the problem.

Big Sur has faced an extraordinary number of launch issues. It appears that the high demand for the update is slowing Apple’s servers to crawl, leading to widespread slowdowns of newer Macs due to an unknown feature that verifies with Apple that apps do not contain malware before every time they launch. Server issues also made it impossible for some users to install the update, as the operating system showed an installation error as people tried to run the installer.

Given the black screen problems some users encountered, download issues might be the best. If you are considering an update, it might be wise to give it a few weeks for the bugs to be resolved. the edge Reach out to Apple to comment.

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