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The Long Flag Night in Constance and Kreuzlingen, PI No. 38/2022

The Long Flag Night in Constance and Kreuzlingen, PI No. 38/2022

University of Constance


The smartest night of the year

6. A long science night in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen on May 14, 2022 – Varied program from 5 pm to 11 pm – Opening with science talk at 4 pm

Amazing experiences, enlightening lectures, exciting guided tours and insightful hands-on activities – interested parties can gain insights into research in the cities of Constance and Kreuzlingen in a variety of formats on Saturday 14 May. After a break due to the pandemic, the organizers – Konstanz University of Applied Sciences (HTWG), University of Konstanz, Thurgau University of Education (PHTG) and the cities of Konstanz and Kreuzlingen – are happy to be able to invite you to Long Night of Science once again. The slogan for this year’s event is “Inquire!”.

Participation in almost all 180 elements of the program is free of charge. There will be a special program for children and families at all four locations, where young researchers can earn the title of “Doctor Emeritus on the Long Night of Science.” For the first time, “Long Night” will be held on the German and Swiss sides. The free shuttle bus will enable visitors to travel between the Bodenseeforum, HTWG, PHTG and the University of Konstanz. In addition, there is a reduced offer for the use of scooters and konrad e-scooters on rent from Bird and ZEUS.

Opening at Lake Constance Forum

Another premiere: For the first time, the Long Night of Science will open centrally at the Bodenseeforum in Konstanz. Starting at 4 pm, the university administration will discuss the topic “University Sites in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen” with city leaders. How do universities and cities benefit from each other? What are their expectations of each other? ”

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Participation in the panel discussion: Ole Borchardt, Mayor of Constance, Prof. Katharina Holzinger, Dean of the University of Constance, Prof. Dr. d. Sabina Lecher, Mayor of PHTG Kreuzlingen, Thomas Niederberger, Mayor of Kreuzlingen, and Professor Dr. Sabine Rehn, President of HTWG Konstanz. The discussion will be moderated by Prof. Marcus Romberg, Managing Director of Lake Constance International University. If you want to start Long Night later, you can also broadcast the discussion from home.

Under the slogan “Enquirer”

Through the slogan “Enquirer!” Organizers have addressed a topic that could not have demonstrated more clearly its extraordinary relevance and complexity over the past two years of the pandemic: the complex relationship between science and society. We could have watched almost every day how scientific findings make their way into different areas of society, how they become the basis for policy measures, and how they flow into the processes of social opinion formation and decision-making.

Studies and data derived from research on different discourses have not always been properly understood and are not categorized and passed on. This shows how important opportunities for direct contact and direct exchange between science and society are,” the organizers wrote in their joint welcome letter.

Your questions to science

The Sixth Long Science Night in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen would like to offer such a forum. Under the slogan “Interrogation!” It follows the theme of the Year of Science 2022, an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Within the framework of #MYQUESTIONANDIEWISSENSCHAFT, citizens can address their concerns directly to scientists throughout Science Year 2022. The Long Night of Science in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen also invites you to do so: Questions can be submitted in advance via the website and social media channels (#LNdW_nachgefrage) and of course scientists are available for live evening exchanges the event. By the way, not only guests will be able to ask questions: in some elements of the program, researchers also have questions for their guests.

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More information at:

And on social media channels Twitter ( and Facebook ( or #LNdW_demanded

Note to editors:

All media representatives are warmly invited to the Long Night of Science and in particular to the opening event with a panel discussion on May 14, 2022 at 4pm at the Bodenseeforum.

Participation in the panel discussion:

  • Ole Borchardt, Mayor of Constance
  • Mr. Dr. Katharina Holzinger, Dean of the University of Constance
  • Mr. Dr. Sabina Larcher, Dean of PHTG Kreuzlingen
  • Thomas Niederberger, Mayor of Kreuzlingen
  • Mr. Dr. Sabine Rehn, President, HTWG Konstanz
  • Coordinator: a. Dr.. Marcus Romberg, Managing Director of Lake Constance International University
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