The Legacy Edition will appear on your PC shortly

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be officially released on May 14 at midnight. This appears to be the case only on keyboards.

The basics are in brief

  • The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be officially released in a few hours.
  • The release on Steam and Origin appears to be a bit late.

There are already many fans, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition DownloadableTo start playing in a few hours. Version Remaster des It was officially set for May 14 at midnight.

As currently, this will only be the case for consoles. It is both chatting Microsoft Beside Play Station Midnight is kept as activation time.

On she– The origin of the platform and on the broadcast is currently given other times. Accordingly, the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will not appear on Origin until Friday 5 PM Switzerland time.

Steam players should seem to be patient for a while longer: if the current information is correct, the trilogy will not be on the platform until May 15 at 3 am.

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