The leak promises a big change for EA Sports FC – Mixed Teams in FUT

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from: Joost Rademacher

Leak promises big change for EA Sports FC – Mixed Teams in FUT © / Vienna Reyes / Electronic Arts (Montage)

Men and women should be on the same team as soon as possible. A well-known leaker has revealed mixed teams for EA Sports FC’s FUT mode.

VANCOUVER, Canada – Soccer has been known as a male-dominated sport for the longest time. That has increasingly changed in recent years, thanks in part to the increased visibility and public support of women’s football. EA Sports has also focused more on women’s representation in soccer since FIFA 16. In EA Sports FC, perhaps the developer would like to take the next step.

Read more about the EA Sports FC Mixed Teams FUT leak here.

Anyone who has played Ultimate Team mode in recent FIFA games should know about @FutSheriff on Twitter. The inside account regularly shares early information about new FUT promotions and is one of the first to leak about new features and developments regarding Ultimate Team.

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