The league coach wants to lure Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo into Mexico or the Major League Soccer

Liga MX and MLS have been considering merging for a long time. Mikel Areola said the joint league could also attract Messi and Ronaldo.

Liga MX President Mikel Areola has expressed a desire to attract Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to North America. The Mexican League and MLS have been in talks about a merger for some time. As Areola pointed out, the Mexican Major League Soccer could also be attractive to the world’s best soccer players.

“We will be one of the best leagues in the world,” said the 45-year-old when asked about a possible merger. ESPNThe next step would be to have Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo here [Mexiko, Anm. d. Red.] Or in the United States, perhaps in the final stages of their careers. “

Barcelona: Lionel Messi is not averse to moving to the United States

Messi was not averse to moving to the United States in the past. Barcelona said: “I have always said that I have the impression that I will enjoy the experience of living in the United States, playing in this league and living this life, but whether or not that happens, I do not know.” star interview in Dec. VI.

Ronaldo, whose contract with Juventus expires next year, has also been linked to MLS clubs. Above all, David Beckham’s club, Inter Miami, is a potential target.

Infantino on MLS and Liga MX merger plans: “It could definitely be the best league in the world”

Merging MLS and Liga MX has been on the agenda for several years. Major League Soccer president Don Garber said in December that such a move was still “a long way off”. But FIFA President Gianni Infantino expressed support for the plans at a press conference last week.

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“I think the potential in the United States and Mexico is enormous, in each country separately,” said the Swiss. “But of course it would be amazing if we were able to combine these two tournaments. It could be the best league in the world.”

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