July 14, 2024

The Law and Justice government spoils it with everyone

The Law and Justice government spoils it with everyone

DrThe self-confidence with which Polish national conservatives subjugated one sector of the country in recent years no longer exists. During the debate over the new media law, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s coalition disintegrated. For several months, there has been a loud and audible crunch between the partners, who basically agree on what they do not want.

But in the end, all the controversy did not prevent the media law from removing the first parliamentary obstacle, and in the form of the most important parliament. When things get tough, it’s clear that Jaroslav Kaczynski’s Law and Justice Code still has the power to find allies. The fact that he is not selective when it comes to research fits with the image of the party who sees himself being persecuted by evil forces.

Happy so early

Poland’s opposition, in which former Prime Minister and EU Council President Donald Tusk once again assumes a leadership position, is happy again very soon. The official dissolution of the coalition did not bring down the government. Tusk and his followers should not wait for PiS and its allies to one day falter themselves. It would be much more productive if the liberals prepared for the upcoming elections with a convincing platform and convincing candidates.

As last year’s presidential election showed, Poland is largely divided politically in the middle. A relatively mild shift in voters’ mood can go a long way here.

In the end, the fact that the government upset the United States with the media law could play an important role. If Kaczynski thought he could turn the EU and US partners against him at the same time, he must have miscalculated. Much of his show is still popular with many Poles. But voters did not let him escape a political ghost’s journey into no man’s land.

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