The Iron Dames are the first women’s team to write motorsport history

iron ladies

The first women’s team to write motorsport history – with a Swiss woman at the top

Women are still a rarity in motorsport. But something happens. And also thanks to all-female racing teams such as Iron Dames, led by Swiss racing driver Rachel Frey.


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Iron Dames Michelle Gatting, Rachel Frey and Sarah Bovey are the only all-female team in motorsports.

iron ladies

There is no doubt that this bright pink Lamborghini is an eye-catcher. The color is a statement and eye candy at the same time. After all, he sits in the cockpit who Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO2 All-Women, Iron Dames – The first all-female racing team in the history of endurance racing. An exceptional racing team that not only brings color to the most famous racetracks in the world. Iron Dames is actively committed to and supports women in motorsport at all levels – from drivers and mechanics to engineers and managers to marketers. The Iron Dames team also consists exclusively of women.

Iron Dames was founded by Deborah Meyer five years ago. The French entrepreneur is herself a successful racing driver and has been appointed president of the FIA ​​Women in Motorsport (WIM) Committee in 2022. Her goal: to pay greater attention to women in all areas of motorsport. The FIA ​​has made significant efforts in recent years to increase the visibility of women in motorsport and encourage women of all ages to compete at the highest levels.

An entry for the motorsports history books

The best example of this is the Iron Ladies. Its track record is growing larger every year. In recent years, the team, led by Swiss racing driver Rachel Frey, has secured 17 pole positions and 51 podium finishes, including four top-ten finishes at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. High point so far: Class win in last year’s 24 Hours of Spa race. An entry in the annals of motorsport has never before been seen by a women’s team that has accomplished such a feat.

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Rachel Frey has been a racing driver for over 20 years and has been an Iron Lady since the beginning. She is one of the fastest racing drivers in the world and was ranked as a gold driver in the FIA ​​last year. An honor previously awarded to compatriot Simona da Silvestro and Canadian Catherine Legge.

Women still have a hard time

Together with her Iron Dames teammates Michelle Gatting from Denmark, Sarah Bovey from Belgium and Dorian Bean from France, just 19-years-old Rachel Frey causes a stir on a regular basis. Traditionally, women have had a hard time in motorsport, not because of their abilities, but because it is a sport steeped in tradition and primarily dominated by men. Women have always been involved in motorsport, but changing social and political currents mean they have been routinely banned or excluded at various times in history. As a result, it is still very rare for women to compete at all—and an all-female team is even rarer.

The spectators of the legendary 24-hour race in Daytona, USA a few weeks ago must have been even more surprised. An all-female team? in Daytona? A pink Lamborghini? This has never happened before! The excitement and amazement were great. The Four Iron Ladies have been the subject of talk, even if the team had to secure a spot in midfield at the end of the 24-hour period. Despite everything, it was a success for the first race of the season. Their appearance in IMSA’s top North American sports car series, competing for the Michelin Endurance Cup, will not be their last, and the Iron Dames will also be showing off their skills in the GT World Challenge Europe Endurance Cup, including in the The legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. And they’ll stand out there, too—as the only all-female racing team.

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