The Intel Core i7-1195G7 processor convinces in the first benchmarks

Just last week, a new Tiger Lake processor was launched with the Intel Core i7-1195G7. The first Geekbench test now shows decent performance.

The basics in brief

  • Last week, Intel introduced the Core i7-1195G7, among others.
  • The new CPU is primarily designed for small and lightweight laptops.
  • The new model offers solid power, especially in terms of single-core performance.

There were a series of wizards in Tiger Lake At the end of last month To see two new models. Presented now Intel Core i7-1195G7 for first test at Geekbench. This shows that Intel can really keep up with the competition here.

New Intel Core creates powerful performance with a single core

With a clock frequency of up to 5GHz, the new Tiger Lake is particularly impressive in terms of single-core performance. There are a total of 1700 points here, with what Similar model At AMD, the Ryzen 7 5800U outperforms.

However, with eight cores, this still creates better multi-core performance. Intel’s four cores offer only 6005 points.

at most her predecessorThe new chip outperforms the i7-1185G7 in all respects. In both categories the M1 chip is still present an Apple The nose is up front, which is included in the compact MacBook Air, for example. It remains to be seen how the Intel Core i7-1195G7 will perform in further tests.

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