The Institute for Democracy Education combines science and civil society

Conference on the topic of fake news at Der Heidberg (Photo: Sabrina Kirchner)

More than 50 participants from science and civil society have been exchanging ideas in Yubin since Sunday. The agenda includes lectures and activities on disinformation and hate speech.

Experiences from Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria and Nigeria are exchanged in various forms. False reporting and hate online is a cross-border problem, according to Sabrina Kirchner, a consultant at the Institute for Democratic Education.

“I think it is very important first and foremost to create awareness of fake news and hate speech,” she says. “A lot of people are not yet clear about this. Of course we are working to educate people who are active in the education sector and educate young people about what is fake news and what purposes people want to follow with fake news.”

The conference results will be published in early 2022. The Institute for Democracy Education would then like to present the results in book form. In particular, advice on dealing with hate speech and misinformation should be explained there.

Andreas Legon

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