April 13, 2024

The iCloud Private Relay is under criticism in the UK

The iCloud Private Relay is under criticism in the UK

UK mobile operators have complained about the impact of Apple’s iCloud Private Relay.

Apple’s iCloud Private Relay is designed to increase security for Apple users. Apple’s payment performance is now being criticized in the UK. A group of British mobile operators is looking at Apple’s service, which is similar to a VPN, which is a violation of competition law. At the same time, it will make state control measures much more difficult, targeting serious criminal offenses.

iCloud Private Relay has its own application

Mobile operators EE, Virgin Media O2, Three and Vodafone want additional controls over the iCloud private relay. This service should be disabled by default and outsourced to a separate application instead of being deeply integrated into iOS and iPadOS. In one

Six page document
Mobile operators are demanding multiple interventions. Microsoft was also dissatisfied with the iCloud private relay.

Financial benefits

Apple’s iCloud private relay service is similar to the function of a VPN tunnel. When enabled, the service should encrypt all functions and hide the user’s identity while surfing. As a result, the so-called data is not accessible to third parties. This is frustrating for Internet operators because this data is an important part of the business model. According to mobile operators, the loss of this data could restrict upgrades and investment in networks. In general, it is not surprising that network operators find their financial interests threatened by such methods of concealing their identities. But the cell phone alliance’s argument is different: it’s more difficult to solve crimes.

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