The Hot Wheels Unleashed Track Builder in video preview • Nintendo Connect

After more than two years of development, Milestone enables all players to create the craziest track creations in a very easy way. To do this, select one of the environments available in the game and get started. Also among the environments is the Track Room, specially designed to represent the freedom of the track designer: a large, empty room, without boundaries, without obstructions, but with maximum creativity.

Every element of the environment can become part of the path. Players can combine objects from the environment into their tracks to create dynamic and unpredictable racing tracks.

Thanks to the special track creation modules, players have the opportunity to take their tracks to the next level. More than 20 unique units are available to you, for example T-Rex Escape, Spider Ambush, Hungry Cobra and many more. These units make the tracks more unique, much crazier and provide a very special challenge.

The track creator also offers the possibility to share your creations with the world or to race yourself on tracks created by other crazy players. As part of the community, players can become exceptional designers or establish themselves as racing drivers who are always on the lookout for new adrenaline rushes and challenges.

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