April 23, 2024

Leiter eines russischen Hyperschallwaffen-Programms vom Geheimdienst verhaftet

The head of the Russian ultrasonic weapons program was arrested by intelligence – RT DE

August 12. 2021 19:09

The FSB has arrested the head of the Russian hypersonic weapons program, Alexander Kuranov. He is suspected of sending military secrets to foreign recipients.

The Russian intelligence FSB today arrested the director of the Russian airline NIGS, which acts on behalf of the Russian government. Alexander Kuranov is said to have sent sensitive information about high-tech military projects to foreign bodies.

Russian news agency tast It was reported on Thursday that the head of the NIGS is being held by the FSB. The press office of the court in the Lefortovo region of Moscow confirmed a little later that the prosecutor’s office will initially hold Kuranov for two months while the high treason charges are being prepared.

A source in the Russian intelligence told the Russian news agency InterfaxThat, according to the current state of knowledge, Kuranov transmitted classified information about new developments in hypersonic technology to a citizen of another state. Another person with background on the matter said that NIGS was working on a hypersonic aircraft capable of traveling at several times the speed of sound.

The company has signed contracts for various defense projects with the Russian government. According to information from NIGS, this includes “research and experimental work on the development of a new generation of hypersonic and space systems”.

The arrest came just a day after a British security guard was arrested at the UK embassy in Berlin on suspicion of espionage. This is said to have sent classified material to Russia.

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