The Green Party is defiantly preparing against a drop in the voter turnout. Their methods became more and more fanatical

With low poll numbers, poor election results, and never-ending affairs of corruption, the Greens have every reason to think and be humble. indeed like FAZ Reported May 15, 2023 Some are already optimistic: if forests burn soon, the situation may look different again.

It would be a mistake to dismiss such statements as the gossip of a few misguided people. Simply because there are too many people among greens misguided to do so, and on top of all that there is no one widely advocated for moderation.

A large portion of wildfires in recent years have actually been caused by arson, and there have been many arrests of “activists” who wanted to create panic about climate change, especially on the West Coast of the United States. In these cases, the disaster was indeed “man-made”…

It is a misconception that such actions require a mastermind, a dark force that is pulling the strings in the background. Dictators have always been able to count on helpers willing to “work against” them.

The various manifestations of Islamic terrorism alone demonstrate that there is no need for centralized control. A radical idea suffices.

Once the “activists” consider their actions morally justified, there is no objection to stopping them.

Green soldiers never lacked the vanity of moral superiority.

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