October 5, 2023

The government prioritizes facilitating student travel abroad: Shringla

The government prioritizes facilitating student travel abroad: Shringla

NEW DELHI, Aug 19 (PTI) Students are acting as bridges between India and the rest of the world, Foreign Minister Harsh Vardhan Shringla said Thursday, and facilitating travel for those who have taken university admission abroad is a “top priority”. .

He said 17 EU member states and Switzerland had recognized the KooviShield vaccine and subsequently lifted their blanket travel ban from India to allow entry to students and other major travelers.

Shringla spoke at the All India Management Association on “The Global Post-Vaccine Order: Unlocking Barriers to Global Business and Travel”.

It is clear that care, cooperation and cooperation are the hallmarks of our response to the pandemic. It is also essential to overcoming barriers to global business and travel.

The foreign minister said that overcoming mobility barriers is an important area for India and its students travel around the world to study.

Our first priority now is to facilitate the travel of our students who have been accepted to various universities and colleges abroad. These students act as bridges between us and the rest of the world. We will make sure that you can enjoy it.” Extensive international educational experience.”

Shringla said the non-inclusion of India in the EU Green Corridor Mechanism had been raised and called for reciprocity regarding exemption from travel restrictions for Indians vaccinated with Kovishield and Kovaccin, as well as acceptance of the win-win vaccination certificates, and the online portal was released. .

“I am pleased to announce that, in response to our efforts, 17 EU member states and Switzerland have recognized Kofischild and subsequently lifted the blanket travel ban from India that allows students and other major travelers from India to enter,” he said.

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“Many countries have also agreed to accept travelers who have been vaccinated with nationally approved vaccines. These include Estonia and Romania. Germany and France currently issue all visa categories including tourism if one is vaccinated with Covishield.”

With regard to Western Europe, Shringla said all major destination countries are now allowing Indian students to travel and have their visas processed as a priority.

He said that restrictions on travel for our students to the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg will be eased.

Shringla noted that India is working closely with the US government on all issues related to the mobility of Indian professionals, students and those who need to travel to the US.

“The issue of travel restrictions has been taken up at the ministerial level with the US and Canada. The US Embassy is now issuing student visas.

Student visas are also issued for Canada. We have repeatedly assured both countries that all categories of work permit holders, researchers, family members and regular business travelers should travel again.”

The foreign minister said concerns raised by Indian students unable to travel to Australia were also raised with the relevant Australian authorities.

“We stressed the need for these students to return to their universities at an early date,” he said.

He said, “We are also aware of the delays our students face in obtaining visa appointments in some countries, and we have asked the respective diplomatic missions here to extend the visa duration and expedite visa procedures.”

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Shringla said India is constantly talking with the leadership of the Gulf countries on cooperation related to COVID-19 and focus on alleviating the problems facing the Indian community in the Gulf due to the pandemic.

The second wave of COVID-19 presented additional challenges as several Gulf countries imposed travel restrictions from India from April. However, these restrictions are gradually being relaxed,” he said.

Shringla said Qatar and Bahrain had allowed the return of Indian nationals on residency visas.

He said, “Qatar has also started allowing Indian nationals on visitor visas to enter the country. The United Arab Emirates and Kuwait this month started allowing Indian nationals on residency visas to return after vaccinations, tests and quarantine policies.” PTI MPB


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