The Good Life: The Small Town Beastly Detective Thriller is coming in October

The Good Life has now got a release date. Source: Playism, White Owls Inc., SWERY

Nothing is as it seems in the new SWERY game good lifeThe adventure RPG life simulation is coming October 15th on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Everything – from the in-game social photo app “Flamingo” to the funky stories of quirky Rainy Woods characters – lives and breathes the unique and distinctive style of Hidetaka Suehiro, better known by his nickname SWERY. As one of the founders of Access Games, he is responsible for many popular games and others killer obsession.

about the good life

The Good Life is an engaging adventure game in which players slip into the role of Naomi, a New York-based photographer who has just arrived in the British town of Rainy Woods with a special mission – to discover the truth behind this place known as the “Happiest Town in the World”. In a race against time, players follow several tracks and solve puzzles as a person, cat or dog. To get to the bottom of the puzzle, you have to cook, eat, sleep, shop, farm, explore the city, take on shooting and other “funky” tasks.

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The animal play “The Good Life” is scheduled to appear in the fall

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