May 23, 2024

The goalkeeper with a German name is in Japan’s goal – beyond

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Daniel Schmidt is in Japan’s World Cup squad. © IMAGO / Japan v Ecuador

A player with a German name in the goal of Japan, Germany’s collective opponent. Daniel Schmidt believes in winning against the DFB team.

Qatar – the German national team Did the last test before World Cup 2022 Not completely convinced in Qatar. against Oman there was a hard-fought 1-0 win, which was far from convincing. The scandalous outsider has repeatedly exploited the weaknesses of the DFB’s selection and could have taken the initiative into his own hands. for Hansi Flick And his team still has a lot of work to do ahead of the World Cup opener against Japan.

The match against Japan is scheduled for Wednesday (November 23) and the DFB’s choice of match remains the favourite. But the Japanese believed in their strength and success against Germany. “We have a chance,” said Daniel Schmidt, Japan’s World Cup goalkeeper. Wait a minute: Daniel Schmidt? German in the World Cup Japan opponent?

World Cup 2022: Germany meets Japan at the start

“Actually, only my name is German. My father is from the United States and I was born there in Illinois. I’m not sure which generation of my family immigrated to the United States from Germany. It must be in the generations before my grandfather—a long time ago,” Schmidt explained in Interview with the TV station Eurosport about his name.

World Cup 2022: Daniel Schmidt against Japan?

Daniel Schmidt only played in his native Japan until he joined the Belgian league with VV St. Truiden in 2019. “It was always my goal to come to Europe. The request came from St. Truiden in 2019 – so I jumped at the chance,” said the 30-year-old of his move to Belgium. The goalkeeper noted clear differences with football in Japan: “Japanese football is a little slower than European football. The frequency of attacks is not so high, you have more time to defend and also more time to gain possession yourself.”

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Daniel Schmidt wants to reach as far as possible with his team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but he knows that even reaching the group stage will be difficult. “It’s a really tough group. But if we get to the bottom 16, it’s a really great achievement. We can prove to the world that Japanese football keeps getting better. This group is also a great opportunity for us,” said Schmitt. Eurosport And he quickly pushed the goal: “Our goal is the quarter-finals.”

It is still not clear if he will be in goal for the Japanese national team in this World Cup. The decision has not been made yet. Other goalkeepers have played in the playoffs. I played in the last friendly against Ecuador and I think I did really well. Maybe I have a chance to play in the World Cup, too, says the 30-year-old with cautious optimism. So far he has 11 caps – at the World Cup, if he’s on his way, more should be added.

Meanwhile, you want Former German world champion pub Do not make a profit with the 2022 World Cup and participate in the boycott of Qatar. (smr)