June 24, 2024

The girls had to kneel to measure the length of the skirt

The girls had to kneel to measure the length of the skirt

Allegations of Sexism Against a Private British School

The allegations are serious: On a web portal, students of King’s School in Worcester, Great Britain, claim that their teachers forced them to kneel on the floor so that they could measure the length of their skirt. These are not the only allegations. According to media reports, the private school has now launched an investigation.

Schoolgirls complain anonymously about the teachers at the private school

An investigation has started over an anonymous post on the “Everyone is invited” portal. On the platform, affected people share their experiences of sexual harassment, bullying, and physical harm in schools and universities. The stories also often revolve around very subtle experiences that show how deeply patterns of abuse are in society.

According to the Daily Mail, a Kings school student wrote: “The school uniform rules (at school, editor’s note) state that a girl’s skirt should be ten centimeters above her knees when multiple teachers kneel on their knees and force girls to measure their skirts.” The teachers were also accused of “not punishing the bullies” and “overtly imposing sexual rules” on the students: “They made us believe that our bodies should be covered and it is our responsibility to see that men prevent us from looking into it, the newspaper quoted another publication.

The King’s School principal announced an investigation into the allegations of sexism

Moreover, schoolchildren are said to have been forced to wear a full track suit even at 30 degrees when playing sports. Multiple incidents were said to have occurred where boys in the school grounds “interacted” with girls without any consequences.

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School principal Gareth Dodds said in an interview with the Daily Mail that he was aware of the allegations and wanted to investigate them after the Easter break. He advised all affected people to officially report their experiences.