December 7, 2023

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The Gaia Project is finally discontinued after six years of development

At Electronic Arts, current projects have been examined in detail by company management over the past few days and their future prospects have been explored. After the final end of Anthem (details) and the removal that has not been officially confirmed yet but is very likely to remove all aspects of multiplayer from Dragon Age 4 (details), the publisher pulled the plug for the project with the codename Gaia, which had been in EA for six years Motives are under development. Reason for employment is high Bloomberg And the He called for a shift in internal resources within the company. EA does not want to comment on the report.

(Anonymous) sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that Gaia’s development so far has been “turbulent”. The project began in 2015 after Jade Raymond moved to EA to run the newly formed Motive Studio. But persistent problems with motives Including The merger with Bioware Montreal in 2017 led to, among other things, disagreements among employees. Then the game manager left the studio, which is why Gaia’s development was completely restarted in 2018. Raymond also turned his back on EA Motive in October 2018 and later ended up on Google (Stadia). The project was briefly presented to the public for the first time at EA Play in June 2020, as it was presented as “a new, innovative and ambitious game that puts strength and creativity in the player’s hand” and as a “next generation” gaming experience. “The technology would have been impossible.”

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Aside from these subtle yet cool marketing phrases, EA doesn’t have specific details about Gaia. Betray. However, Patrick Soderlund (Ex-Executive Vice President of EA) said in 2015 IGNThe publisher is proud of his desire to expand his collection of games with “gigantic action games like Assassin’s Creed, Batman or GTA”. He recalled that Motive was arguably the studio that has to deal with this challenge.

Gaia’s position should have no effect on the motives of the EA. EA is currently working on its annual sports games, Battlefield 6, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, It Takes Two, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2, Dragon Age 4, Skate 4, Knockout City and other titles from Mass Effect and Need for the Velocity series.