The G20 wants to “reduce the gap between the world’s north and south” –

The foreign ministers of the Group of Twenty countries met on Tuesday in Matera, southern Italy. There they signed a joint declaration with the aim of “narrowing the gap between the North and the South.” The goals include ending world hunger by 2030 and achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said the Matera Declaration on Food Security, adopted by the G20, aims to increase investments in the richest countries in order to achieve “stable results in the medium term” in the fight against world hunger. Document “Teacher”.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, more than 840 million people are currently at risk of not getting enough food this decade. Another 100 million have lost their jobs and income due to COVID-19.

“Our plan reinforces the role of the Food Alliance launched by Italy within the Food and Agriculture Organization and is in line with Italy’s strategy to confront global crises exacerbated by the pandemic,” Di Maio commented. He highlighted “United Nations leadership” as “the cornerstone of an effective multilateral system”.

On the topic of climate change and the environment, he added: “Through the United Nations Conferences on Climate (COP26) and Biodiversity (COP15), we have a unique opportunity to implement the Paris Agreements by making ambitious short-term commitments and supporting the goal of climate neutrality that we strive for in 2050.” .

Italy wanted to adequately fulfill its role as the current G20 Presidency and as a close partner of the United Kingdom at COP26. For example, a special climate official will soon be appointed, as the USA and UK have already done, according to Di Maio.

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In closing, the Minister stressed that “beyond the differences and differences at the G20 table, we all agree that we must work together on climate change in order to make our societies sustainable.”

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