The future of Sebastian Kurz – the former Austrian chancellor to take a management position in the United States – News

  • Sebastian Kurz will become a “global strategist” at US investment firm Thiel Capital.
  • The former Austrian chancellor confirmed this to Krone and TODAY.
  • He will start his new job in the first quarter of 2022.

After many rumors and speculations about his future career, Sebastian must move into the private sector in the United States soon after the end of his political career. There he will work as a strategic advisor to the investment firm of billionaire Peter Thiel. The annual salary is said to be much higher than the €312,000 he made as a consultant, writes the news portal Hewitt.

According to close associates, Kurz will be moving between the United States and Europe. His family must remain in Vienna. As an insider told “Today,” Kurz intends to accept one or the other of the Supervisory Board’s Europe mandate.

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Kurtz has known Peter Thiel for many years. There is a joint photo of the 2017 Munich Security Conference, when Kurz was foreign minister at the time.

At that time, he thanked him for meeting the billionaire. We should have been talking about digitization – and not losing sight of each other.

American investor Peter Thiel has made a name for himself in the financial world as an investor in Facebook and co-founder of the online payment platform PayPal.

He also founded a data analytics company Palantir . techniques with. In the past few days it has been speculated that Cortes will take up a position at Palantir. Thiel was also a political activist and supported former US President Donald Trump in his campaign with one million donations.

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