December 10, 2023

The functionality of YouTube clips reaches a limited test

The functionality of YouTube clips reaches a limited test

The company announced on Thursday that YouTube was working on a clips feature that would allow developers and viewers to crop short clips from their videos and livestream for sharing online.

The company said on its website that YouTube is currently testing videos in the “Limited Alpha” stage. Support siteWhat the “small group of developers” function does because it collects feedback from users Jensen, Community Manager, YouTube. At the moment, it is only possible to create clips through the YouTube Android app or the desktop website, although Jensen said support for the iOS app is “soon”.

Although YouTube cropping is currently limited, it works pretty smoothly. Viewers can select the “Crop” button – represented by the scissors icon – next to the “Like” and “Thumbs down” buttons below a specific video. Players can then scroll through a video to select a section and edit their own using the control panel to the right of the video. Clips can be up to five seconds in length or up to 60 seconds, and playback will repeat indefinitely. We hope YouTube hairstyles can use that View the video as a test For all her storytelling skills.

The most obvious uses for this feature are in game content. But Ryan White, head of gaming and commerce at YouTube, Polygon said “Ultimately, all products will be made available to everyone,” so the clips are not limited to streaming games or videos.

Once their clip is created, viewers or creators can share it on various social sites or through a direct link. This feature lags far behind YouTube in comparison to its biggest competitor, Twitch The clips were made available to all users in July 2016. Even Mixer started in 2016 and It closed last summerUsers have been able to create clips since 2018.

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