December 2, 2023

The floating wave power station is connected to the grid

The floating wave power station is connected to the grid

After some testing, the floating wave power station is now ready for use.Image:

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With a greater focus on renewable energy, the range of options for generating green electricity is also growing. Only wind, solar or geothermal energy have now become sustainable sources of energy: Hydroelectricity can also make a targeted contribution to energy production. The world’s first floating wave power station is now connected to the grid in Canada.

Restructuring Group, Fixed Investment Provider and Asset Manager and its project partner Sustainable Marine Energy Successfully launched Canada’s first floating power plant on the Bay of Fund.

Over the past few months a one-kilometer-long underwater cable has been laid in the Grand Passage test area and a substation has been set up along the coast, which is now in use. “Now is the time. Our site is ready to provide energy.”Jason Hayman, Managing Director of Sustainable Marine, a Press release.

The electric feed was initially planned as part of a “demonstration permit”. In addition, many sensor environmental monitoring systems are being tested, which is an essential component Eco-friendly solution for energy production There is.

Commercial deployment of trend-setting platform technology is still planned in the Minas Passage of Fundy Bay. There are exceptionally strong currents due to the wave range of up to 16 meters, which is unique in the world. The wave power plant produces electricity using the natural movement of water.

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As a direct result of the climate crisis, desertification will occur in many parts of the world in the coming years – thus turning many areas into hostile barren lands. This is the result of a report submitted on Wednesday, in which UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed the gathering. The Desert Secretariat (UNCCD) has worked with 21 partner organizations for five years.

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