June 21, 2024

The first women's training on the slopes - Switzerland with an announcement - Jogja with the return - sports

The first women’s training on the slopes – Switzerland with an announcement – Jogja with the return – sports


Prisca Neufer as fastest and four of his teammates in the top eight: The Swiss dominate the Olympic downhill slope.

Driving with caution should always be enjoyed. However, the first incline training session on Tuesday morning in Yanqing provides plenty of encouraging information from a Swiss point of view.

Prisca Nofer, still lacking an indoor starting place, surprisingly set the best time. With number 26, she skillfully took advantage of increasingly better visibility as the sun rose. The only flaw for the 30-year-old, who celebrated her birthday the day before: a lost target that includes a recognizable acronym (she was in good company nonetheless).

The Swiss «Päckli» ranks from 4 to 6

44 and 67 hundredths of a second behind the Navarre respectively, Keira Weddell (Gear) and Kristen Scherr (Australia) blasted the Swiss Fleet to the top of the drills standings. Because Corinne Suter, Michelle Gisin and Lara Gut-Behrami, who were inspired by their medal win the day before in Super-G, finished fourth to sixth.

Jasmine Fleury followed with a 1.66sec lead in 13th place. Along with Gott Bahrami and Sutter, the Davos native was seeded for the Olympic race. Among the athletes still involved in the selection battle, Joanna Hallen (8) also collected arguments in addition to Nufer, but not Noémie Kolly (26th).

Goggia breathes a sigh of relief after passing an endurance test

Sofia Jogia has made a strong comeback. Nearly 3 weeks after her serious knee injuries, which she suffered while playing at her home in Cortina, there are huge question marks over the Italian’s physical condition.

First training results

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1. * Priska Nufer (SUI) 1:33.47. 2. Kira Weidle (Germany) 0.44 behind. 3. *Kristen Sher (AUT) 0.67. 4. Corinne Sutter (SUI) 0.83. 5. * Michel Geisen (Switzerland) 0.86. 6. Lara Gut Bahrami (Switzerland) 0.94. 7. *Laura Gauche (FRA) 0.99. 8. Joanna Heilin (Switzerland) 1.24. 9. Michaela Shiffrin (USA) 1.33. 10. Ragnhild Mowinckel (NOR) 1.40. Also: Sophia Jogja XII (ITA) 1.55. 13. Yasmine Fleury 1.66. 26. * Noémie Kolly 2.79. 37. Wendy Holder 5.02.

* = with an error in the target

The 6-times season winner dispelled all fears and was once again contending for 12th place by 1.55secs. In the end, Goggia seemed visibly relieved and grateful for her speedy recovery. Her left knee is stable, “I still have to regain my confidence.”