July 15, 2024

The first Windows 11 tablets may be coming soon

The first Windows 11 tablets may be coming soon

Microsoft recently announced a new event at the end of September. The first Surface device could be introduced with Windows 11.

The basics in brief

  • In just over two weeks, there will be a hardware event at Microsoft.
  • New Surface products are expected to be presented on this occasion.
  • The hardware was probably the first PC to run Windows 11.

This year’s Techtember will also be packed with hardware events from various companies. currently Microsoft With a date for an event this month. In just under two weeks, it will all revolve around the company’s Microsoft Surface branding.

Do new Surface laptops come with Windows 11?

What devices were presented at the event, has windowsThe developers have not yet been revealed. But since Windows 11 is slated for release at the beginning of October, new laptops are supposed to be practically guaranteed. It would only be fitting, for example, that the Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 be among the first available windows 11 heard.

However, one potential surprise could also be a new one smart phone be from Redmond. It has been around for a long time A successor to the Surface Duo rumored. Since Microsoft’s first two-screen phone wasn’t particularly successful, expectations are especially high here.

Until that happens, fans won’t have to wait long. The Microsoft event kicks off in just under two weeks, on September 22nd at 5pm CST.

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