October 5, 2023

The first visit in two years - a scandal during the visit of the Greek foreign minister to Turkey - News

The first visit in two years – a scandal during the visit of the Greek foreign minister to Turkey – News

that happened: The first visit of Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias to Turkey two years ago resulted in a scandal. At the media conference with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, the two politicians accused each other of misconduct in important conflicts.

Dealing with immigrants: Ankara claims repeatedly that Greece is forcing migrants in the Aegean Sea illegally to return to Turkish waters to prevent them from entering Greece, that is, the European Union. ARD correspondent in Turkey, Karen Sins, says that Kavusoغلlu used very harsh words about so-called payments.

Expanding maritime borders: Greece accuses Turkey of not respecting its maritime borders, even though they are covered by international maritime law. Turkey was searching for natural gas in the disputed area. In this regard, the European Union threatened Turkey with sanctions. Then Ankara stopped searching.

Military personnel in the Greek islands: Turkey accuses Greece of not allowing it to deploy soldiers on the Greek islands. Greece says it is allowed to do so when it feels threatened. The reporter said that Greece feels threatened because Turkey is flying over the islands with military aircraft.

Hagia Sophia as a mosque: Turkey has converted the Hagia Sophia, an originally Christian building in Istanbul, into a mosque after it had been a museum for so long. This bothers the Greeks.

The solution is not in sight: Cavusoglu said that not all matters can be resolved in these meetings, “because our differences are strong, but nevertheless it is important that the dialogue continues.” Moreover: “So from now on, shall we discuss these matters bilaterally or shall we continue to argue?

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