June 17, 2024

The first victory at the important moment

The first victory at the important moment

Curling – After starting poorly in Olympic mixed doubles curling with two losses, Jenny Perrett and Martin Rios got back on track with an 8-7 win over Great Britain.

On paper, the Scottish crew are among the early contenders for an Olympic victory. Bruce Mowat (as Skip) and Jennifer Dodds became European classic curling champions with their four-team curling last November.

With three homes at the second and fourth finish for a 6:3 lead, Seelander and Glarner laid the foundation for the much-needed success. Jenny Berrett in particular will have to improve on the remaining six Robin games. In the first three games, the 30-year-old had only 60 percent of the successful stones. Stones missed defeats in the first two matches, especially on important missions.

The trajectory of the match in the 7:8 defeat after an extra finish against Italy was almost identical to the 6:7 in the opening match against China. Once again the Swiss running a three-way house gave them a stone’s lead at the sixth end, and once again missed match-winning opportunities at eight edges.

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