The first images of the camera at the bottom of the screen speak for themselves

With the Mix 4, Xiaomi has introduced a new high-end smartphone with a high-resolution sub-screen camera. The Chinese company claims that the image quality of the camera is hardly affected by a special screen. The truth looks a little different.

Xiaomi Mix 4: Tried under the display camera

Although we do not currently know if Xiaomi Mix 4 will also come to Germany or not, the smartphone has Made big waves in the show. It is the first mobile phone from the Chinese manufacturer with a 20MP sub-widescreen camera. During the presentation, Xiaomi focused on the image quality of the camera and explained the technology behind it, so that selfies continue to be as good as a cell phone with a normal front camera. Shows a comparison between Xiaomi Mix 4 and Mi 11 Pro Significant differences in image quality:

Xiaomi Mix 4 vs Mi 11 Pro: a selfie camera in comparison. (Source: Totiao)

You can already see a clear difference in normal lighting conditions. While the Mi 11 Pro creates a natural selfie, the image of the Xiaomi Mix 4 with a camera under the screen looks rather dull.

Xiaomi Mix 4 vs Mi 11 Pro: a selfie camera in comparison. (Source: Totiao)

The difference becomes more noticeable in poor lighting conditions. The selfie quality of the Mix 4 is much worse and less sharp than that of the Mi 11 Pro. Although Xiaomi has made a great deal of technical effort to improve the sub-screen camera, it is still not enough to call the image quality “good”. The camera is good enough for shots, but nothing more. Maybe Xiaomi Get more out of the program in the future.

I am Video Xiaomi explains the under-screen camera for the Mix 4 in detail:

Samsung’s under-screen camera is hardly better

Not only Xiaomi has problems with the image quality of the sub-screen camera. Samsung is also installing a new type of camera in the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but it’s only 4MP. Picture quality got us On the first attempt at the presentation Image quality is not affected. Unlike Xiaomi, Samsung’s foldable phone has other cameras that can be used to take selfies. So it takes There is still a lot of work to doSo the quality is right – from Xiaomi and Samsung.

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