June 21, 2024

The first day of testing in Bahrain live!

The first day of testing in Bahrain live!

6:32 PM

Red Bull: Focus on the kilometers

Only P10 for Perez in the timelines, but he completed the most laps. It was no surprise that Red Bull’s Guillaume Roclin explained: “We had a great day today. We covered several kilometers in one day as we normally do in a full race weekend.” So you can check the durability of the parts in the car.

“We didn’t focus on speed today and we rode a program that we thought was useful, so we’re really glad we were able to get a lot of work done. […] “Every day we learn and get better,” said Rockwellin.

6:24 pm

Gazily: P1 without much importance

“It’s good to finish the day in P1,” said the fastest man of the day. At the same time, Gasly also emphasizes that the primary focus was on your work and not on the time sheet. “It doesn’t mean much before we qualify next week,” he explained. However, he is, of course, pleased with the result.

Jonathan Eddolls adds: “We came here with a very long list of tests to further understand the characteristics of the AT03.” Because it was hotter and windier than in Barcelona, ​​we first had to adapt to the new conditions “before we started working on the setup,” he says.

The bottom line is that “some very useful data” has been collected again.

6:10 pm

The scene between Stroll and Alonso…

…you can watch it again here in the video!

6:05 PM

McLaren: Are the brake problems bigger?

“The whole day didn’t go as well as we imagined,” Norris says after just 50 laps and explains: “It started with the fact that I had to drive all day because Daniel was not feeling well. […] But we had some problems with the car today and it took a long time to find it. We limited it a little bit in terms of laps.”

The biggest problem with the car today – as already predicted – was the brakes. “I’m not sure what the exact problems were,” Norris said. “It was about the temperatures and things like that, so we couldn’t do the long rides.” You have to control that now, but: “It won’t be easy to fix.”

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He hopes the problem won’t persist in the entire test. “We have to make concessions,” he fears.

5:56 PM

Picnic: How about Alonso?

We have already mentioned the duel between the two. Now, Stroll reports, “It was a long run and I think maybe it was a little frustrating. I didn’t realize it was on a fast lap or anything. I was just focused on the long run.” He was told on the radio that Alonso was only doing slow stints.

Apparently that was not the case and the Spaniard may have felt put off. Then Alonso started playing. “I just wanted to carry on with my long career,” Stroll asserts and explains, “That’s why I outdid him again. And then he wanted to outdo me again.”

In the end, Stroll prevailed, Alonso left and the Canadian continued his long run. A classic misunderstanding.

5:45 pm

Bottas: Finally a trouble-free day

“It was a good day,” the Finn sighs, “we weren’t doing any reasonable rounds in Barcelona.” Today, on the other hand, the program was able to relax, which is why it was “happier” than in Spain. “The best news is that we had no problems all afternoon,” he says, explaining that it sounded like the first real day of testing.

You can finally work on your setup today, which was “important”. Overall, Bottas said, things are going “in the right direction”. “In the morning I have some nervous people [in der Box] We saw,” he says. Now everyone is relieved to have a problem-free day at last.

5:37 pm

When will Haas catch up for the exam?

This is still not confirmed. As it is known, the current suggestion is that you can drive two hours longer tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Gunther Steiner does not want it, because: “Some men have [nach der Verzögerung] I worked 30 hours straight to get where we are now.”

Overtime cannot be expected again on Friday and Saturday. So he still supports taking the test on Sunday. “It wouldn’t be an advantage,” Steiner said. “We don’t want to have another disadvantage.” But three teams are said to oppose this plan.

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“We have to keep finding a solution,” Steiner said.

5:28 pm

Today’s highlights…

…we have summarized them compactly again for you in this photo series. Starting at 6:30pm Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll will be in touch for their YouTube live analysis!

PHOTO GALLERY: F1 Sachir 2022 Winter Test: The highlight of the first day of testing

5:22 pm

Verstappen on a new contract

The Dutchman didn’t drive today, and we won’t see him behind the wheel again until tomorrow. But he had time to do some interviews. In this video, for example, he talks to his colleagues on the “Sky” channel about his new contract.

Verstappen talks about contract extension at Red Bull

The world champion, Max Verstappen, spoke exclusively to Sky about his contract extension with Red Bull (Video duration: 1:06 min).

5:12 PM

I didn’t drive at all…

… Will Williams in the end. With a total of 104 laps, it wasn’t that noticeable, but Albon has been in the pits for the entire past hour. The biggest losers today are Alpine and McLaren, who have been tied up in the pits for much longer than Williams. Finally, the test was good for Alfa Romeo: 120 laps today, only Red Bull (138) and Mercedes (122) did more.

5:02 PM

Overview: times and lap table

1. Gasly (AlphaTauri) – 1: 33.902 (C5)
2. Sainz (Ferrari) – 1: 34.359 (C3)
3. Leclerc (Ferrari) – 1: 34.531 (C3)
4. Stroll (Aston Martin) – 1: 34.736 (C5)
5. Albon (Williams) – 1:35.070 (C4)
6. Norris (McLaren) – 1: 35.356 (C2)
7. Bottas (Alfa Romeo) – 1: 35.495 (C3)
8. Vettel (Aston Martin) – 1: 35.706 (C3)
9. Russell (Mercedes) – 1: 35.941 (C3)
10. Perez (Red Bull) – 1: 35.977 (K2)
11- Hamilton (Mercedes) – 1: 36.365 (C3)
12. Alonso (Alpine) – 1: 36.745 (C3)
13. Ocon (Alpine) – 1: 36.768 (C2)
14. Zhou (Alfa Romeo) – 1: 37.164 (C3)
15. Fittipaldi (Haas) – 1: 38.527 (C2 prototype)

Perez (138)
Albert (104)
Gasly (103)
Bottas (66)
Leclerc (64)
Hamilton (62)
Russell (60)
Chu (54)
Sainz (52)
Norris (50)
outing (50)
Fittipaldi (47)
Akon (42)
Vettel (39)
Alonso (24)

The full score is here!

Here’s our test report!

4:57 pm

withdrawal time

And that’s it, the session no longer starts as expected. The best time goes to Gasly in front of the Ferrari drivers. And here in the tape we continue to vote and more information on the first day of the test!

4:55 pm

Live time

Make a note of this for tomorrow: We’ve now been able to set up the live timing. This means that you no longer rely on our updates here in the bar, but you can also keep an overview of all times at all times.

Click here for live timings!

4:53 PM

red flag

It had to be this way: Perez took off at breakneck speed on cold tires and got stuck in the gravel. The red flag is coming. It is unlikely that the session will start again. It will now take some time to get Red Bull back into the pit.

4:50 pm

Sainz P2

The Spaniard overtakes his teammate. With 1:34.359 it was in P2. There are three and a half tenths missing in Gasly, but Ferrari was only on C3 tires – two levels harder than the AlphaTauri. By the way: The C3 will be the soft tire for the Grand Prix in a week, because the C1 to C3 vehicles are in use there.

4:37 pm

New record

This time it was enough: 1:33.902 for Gasly on C5 tires and thus the best new time! On the track, we also get a small duel between Stroll and Alonso. Duel during the audition, we don’t see that often either! Incidentally, the Canadian also moved to P4 in the meantime. Alonso is still 15th and last.