July 15, 2024

The first coins with King Charles III.  Foot

The first coins with King Charles III. Foot

DrThe UK Bank minted the statue of King Charles III on Friday. that will appear on British coins in the future. It is the work of British sculptor Martin Jennings and on the personal commission of Charles.

The first coins to show the statue of the new king are a commemorative five pound coin and a 50 pence coin commemorating the life of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, which will appear on the reverse. It is set to go into circulation “in the coming months,” likely in December, according to the Royal Mint.

Jennings said he made Charles’ portrait from a photo. It’s the smallest job he’s ever completed. It makes him humble when he imagines that people all over the world will be able to see it and hold it in their hands for centuries to come.

Charles looks left while his mother looks right at the coins. This is consistent with an old tradition, where the new heir to the throne appears in the opposite direction of his predecessor. The new coins bear the Latin inscription: “King Charles III, praise be to God, protector of faith.”

The two photographs on the reverse of the commemorative £5 coin will be new portraits of the Queen. Elizabeth II died on September 8 after 70 years on the British throne. According to the Royal Mint Museum, no other British monarch features as many coins as he does.

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