June 17, 2024

The final round 2028 may be in Great Britain and Ireland

The final round 2028 may be in Great Britain and Ireland

The next three big matches involving European national teams have already been recorded. Following the controversial 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the 2024 European champions will emerge in Germany before the 2026 World Cup, followed by the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The following matches have not yet been scheduled, although the 2028 and 2032 European Championships will be officially held.

UEFA re-announced the two-match schedule in December. By March 23, all countries interested in the reorganization must make this public.

Applications must be officially filed by April 5, 2022, and complete application forms must be submitted by April 12, 2023. In September 2023, UEFA will announce the host countries for the 2028 and 2032 tournaments.

Russia disqualifies itself as a potential host

However, by then everything will be clear for a long time. Because there are many indications that Euro 2028 will take place in Great Britain and Ireland. Although Italy is said to be focusing on EM 2032 as a potential rival, Russia has disqualified itself as a host by attacking Ukraine, especially since the Russian national team is currently suspended by both FIFA and UEFA.

From Turkey, meanwhile, they reportedly came to the conclusion that an EM application would not be credible. The Spanish / Portuguese duo have already announced their intention to focus on bidding for the 2030 World Cup.

The EURO 2028 will be held in the UK, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and not just the British “Telegraph”. However, it is not yet clear how many countries will start later. After the EURO last expanded from 16 to 24 participants before EM 2016 in France, UEFA actually planned to increase the number to 32 teams for EM 2028, which has been speculated for some time. The 2022 World Cup will also be held with 32 World Cup teams.

Is the model worthless?

With a total of 55 countries, including Russia, joining the UEFA, almost 60 percent of all teams starting in the qualifying round will advance to the finals of the European Championships. If the projects are really filled with life, the review is definitely planned. On the one hand, the final round of the European Championships, which suffered significantly in the opening rounds in 2016 and 2021, will be further diluted compared to previous matches.

On the other hand, qualification becomes a model that has no more value than it already has. As a result, UEFA must have very good arguments to sell the potential increase accordingly.