April 25, 2024

A dog stops the car to save the life of its owner

The family dog ​​rescues his unconscious owner by stopping the car

March 31, 2021 – 10:28 a.m. hour

In the video: The family dog ​​gets help after a medical emergency

He is and still is man’s best friend: This family dog ​​from Ottawa, Canada has proven it through his campaign. While walking, the owner suddenly fainted. And what does a bitch do on a leash? She tries to tear herself off and stop the passing cars. Your goal: to help the woman. The wonderful commitment of the four-legged friend – in the video.

Clover reacts instantly and pulls itself off the leash

Haley Moore was walking her one-and-a-half-year-old dog in the Stittsville neighborhood when she suddenly passed out. Moore told CNN: “All I remember is waking up in the ambulance. I was really confused and didn’t know what was going on.”

Her four-legged friend made sure she could be taken care of by emergency doctors in time. As the CCTV recordings show, the dog first smelled its owner while he was lying on the ground, and he may have felt distress. At that moment a car passed by in front of them. To prevent this from happening again, Clover tried to get himself off the leash. Then I ran to the street in front of the next car to stop the driver and brought the driver’s attention to the medical emergency.

“A bitch actually blocked my way.”

“It was really impressive,” says driver Dryden Ottway, “I really blocked my way. Somehow I ran into the street to block my way.” The 21-year-old quickly came out to help Moore. Ottway added: “The whole time she was walking down the street, she was looking at Haley; she was not looking away from her. She kept her distance from me, but she made sure that his owner was fine, which is wonderful.”

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Ottway notified the nearby neighbors so he could go straight back and deal with Moore. A local woman also stopped to help. “You can see that the dog didn’t want to leave her, even though we were with her,” says Danielle Pilon.

Haley’s father, Randall Moore, recalls: “When the neighbors knocked on the door, they were right next to themselves. Our dog Clover barked madly.” When her family returned to the scene with the dog, Hailey was already in an ambulance. Thankfully she was okay. Why the woman fell is not clear. But she is happy that she took her dog with her. “If something like this happens again, I will feel a lot safer because I know Clover will be there for me,” Haley said. She added, “She is a really cool dog and I love her very much.” In addition to being the best friend of the family, Clover is a real hero as well.