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The family celebrates the birthday of the sick mother (33) in November

The family celebrates the birthday of the sick mother (33) in November


15. November 2021 – 12:39 hour

One last birthday to Becky Aspinal (33)

It’s only mid-November, however, and a family from Merseyside, UK wants to celebrate Christmas this weekend. And there’s a sad reason for that: This may be the last birthday that 33-year-old mother Becky Aspinal can live consciously.

During her pregnancy, she received a poor diagnosis

Becky Aspinal was pregnant with her son Alfie when she was just 20 years old. Perhaps she was looking forward to an exciting time and a happy future with her little family. But everything turned out differently. Because while pregnant, the 33-year-old developed a horrific diagnosis: Huntington’s disease. Instead of looking to the future as a future mother, she had to come to terms with the fact that she wouldn’t see as much of that future as she had hoped. Because with Huntignton’s disease, vital areas of the brain are gradually attacked and destroyed. In particular, areas important for muscle control and physical function.

It will be the first and last Christmas with his mother

Becky Lived in a Palliative Care Facility for Eight Years: Alfie (13) Didn’t Have a Real Day at Christmas with his Mum


Meanwhile, son Alfie is 13 years old and is a teenager. But he still never had a real birthday with his mom. Becky’s girlfriend Kirsty Smith told this in an interview with “Metro”. This is because Becky has been living in a palliative care facility for eight years. Over the years, the condition of the 33-year-old has continued to deteriorate. Her disease is now in an advanced stage. Becky’s family said they were no longer able to walk or speak and that they had already lost the ability to swallow. And Becky made a very important decision: she did not want to take any action that would help feed her. With this decision, her fate was sealed. Becky won’t be able to live much longer.

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They can’t and can’t wait until Christmas

For Lisa Kelly, Becky’s mother, it is very important that at least her daughter and grandson spend Christmas together. I originally booked a trip for the whole family so everyone could experience a true winter wonderland together for one last time. But Becky is already too weak for this trip. The family decided without further ado to bring Winter Wonderland into their home. Since she didn’t want to donate the money, Lisa created an Amazon wish list from which donors could order Christmas decorations and send them to the family.

Becky and her son Alfie’s special birthday is supposed to take place this weekend. Because the family couldn’t wait until Christmas. “Even if you make it to Christmas, you may pass out by then,” Becky’s friend Kristi says in an interview. (vho)